A man is arguing with his wife and making a threatening gesture. Their son is observing the argument in the background.
Help for victims
A mother comforts her adult daughter and hugs her.
Help for bystanders

Telephone counselling

Speak on the phone to an expert about your situation. The counsellor will help you to look for solutions. The counselling is confidential, anonymous and free of charge.

Online counselling

Write down what you are going through for the advice centre. You will get a reply in 1 to 3 days. The online counselling platform is secure. The counselling is confidential and free of charge.

Face to face counselling

Call a victim advice centre to make an appointment for a face to face confidential discussion.


If you are not safe at home any more, you can come to one of our refuges. You and your children will be protected from domestic violence at the refuge.

Protection from violence/Prosecuting

Inform the police if you are being treated violently and need protection. Violence is not acceptable and will be prosecuted.

Things you should know

How can I help my children?   

How will counselling help me?

Where can the violent person get counselling?