Priority issue for the Zurich State Council

Violence against women, particularly domestic violence, is a widespread problem. Consequences for the victims can be serious. The damage often affects the whole family member and everyone around them. Ultimately, the violence affects our society as a whole.

In recent years, authorities and institutions in the canton of Zurich have been working hard to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence. Comprehensive threat management has been introduced for the canton ( The police and prosecution services work closely with all partner organisations. Counselling and support services for victims have been developed and broadened. However, it remains a sad fact that we still have high numbers of domestic violence incidents throughout Switzerland.

The Zurich State Council has therefore decided to take “Violence against women” as a priority issue for prosecution for the 2019-2022 legislative period (RRB 184/2019).

The “STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN” campaign's goal is to provide information and raise awareness about different types of violence in order to raise awareness that violence is not acceptable and will be prosecuted. It also aims to make it easier to obtain an understanding and access to support and help, in order to improve victim protection.

Get in touch if you have been affected by violence, or you know someone you suspect is being treated violently.