A woman in the foreground looks sad while her husband waves a finger at her threateningly.

Help for victims

Telephone counselling .

BIF – Advice centre for women
Combatting violence in a marriage or partnership
044 278 99 99

Winterthur women’s crisis hotline
Victim assistance for women and girls
052 213 61 61

Frauenberatung sexuelle Gewalt
Counselling for women: combatting sexual and domestic violence
044 291 46 46

Zurich victim counselling
For women, men, young people and children
044 299 40 50

Kokon advice centre
Victim help and crisis counselling for children, young people and young adults in crisis
044 545 45 40

“Okey”: counselling and child protection centre
Victim counselling and child protection
052 245 04 04

Zurich Children's Hospital: Children’s support group and victim advice centre
044 266 76 46

Counselling and information centre for sexually exploited children, young people and women and men exploited in childhood
044 360 90 40



Online and Chat Counselling .

BIF Women’s advice centre
Zurich victim counselling

Our online and chat counselling is for all victims of violence: adults, young people, children and relatives.
It is free, confidential and anonymous.
Communication takes place via a protected platform. 




Face to face counselling .

If you prefer to come to an advice centre and talk to us in person about your situation, the team in the advice centres will be happy to meet you. Just call in advance and make an appointment. All conversations in our advice centres are confidential and free of charge. You decide what you want to say. Nobody will force you to make a decision.

Women’s refuges/shelters .

You and your children will be protected from domestic violence in the women’s refuges and shelters. All women’s refuges, the “Schlupfhuus” emergency shelter and the “Mädchenhaus” refuge for girls also have 24-hour helplines that you can call for advice.

Zurich Violetta – women’s refuge
044 350 04 04

Winterthur women’s refuge
052 213 08 78

Zurich Oberland women’s refuge and advice centre
044 994 40 94

Schlupfhuus Zurich – emergency shelter
Counselling, support and accommodation for young people in crisis
043 268 22 66

Zurich Mädchenhaus – girls’ refuge
Accommodation, protection and counselling for girls and young women affected by violence
044 341 49 45

Winterthur crisis housing
A temporary home for children and young people in crisis
052 245 04 30


Protection from violence/Prosecuting .

A police report can help you protect yourself from violence. The police domestic violence units can give you advice and take actions to prevent violence against you. The police units work closely with the regional police and the public prosecution bodies in the canton of Zurich.

Zurich cantonal police
Domestic violence unit
044 295 98 60

Zurich city police
Domestic violence unit
044 411 64 12

Winterthur city police
Domestic violence unit
052 267 64 69

Public prosecutors in Zurich
Information about the prosecution process, what rights you have as a victim, and the rights of the person being charged and other people involved in the process

In an emergency, always call 117


Flyder Stop Domestic Violence

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