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What is violence?

Violence comes in many forms – it’s not just physical. Insults or threats can also be violence – and can therefore be prosecuted. In Switzerland, violence against women and girls is not allowed! That includes within your marriage, partnership or family – violence is never acceptable.

Insulting, threatening, intimidating, humiliating

Are you being criticised, insulted, intimidated or threatened by your partner? Are you humiliated or treated with disrespect when other people are around? This is all psychological violence and this kind of violent behaviour is not allowed.

Threatening and frightening

Does your partner threaten to kill themselves if you want to leave them? Do they threaten to take your child if you go to the police? Don’t let yourself be intimidated!

Stalking, harassing or lurking

Are you being followed or constantly watched? Are you being insulted on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram? Or harassed with constant telephone calls or WhatsApp messages? All these things are stalking, and stalking is not allowed.

Hitting, kicking, choking or throwing things at you

Do you get hit, grabbed, shaken or choked? Are you slapped or kicked? Are things thrown at you? Does someone hit you in front of your child? None of this is allowed. Physical violence can be prosecuted. Even one slap is too many!

Forced sexual activity

Are you touched, kissed, or forced to have sex when you don’t want to? Are you sexually abused, used, or forced into prostitution? These things are sexual violence, and can be prosecuted.

Forcing you to stay home

Are you not allowed to move around freely or leave the house when you want to? This is also not allowed. Nobody is allowed to force you to stay home!

Controlling your contact with family and friends or banning contact

Are you isolated? Does your partner decide when you can telephone your family or visit a friend? Nobody is allowed to stop you doing those things. That’s social violence.

Forced marriage

Are you forbidden to choose who you want to marry? Do you have to stay married even when you don’t want to? Nobody is allowed to force you to marry! Forced marriages are forbidden in Switzerland.

No housekeeping money, or wages taken away from you

Are you forbidden to work – or forced to work? Are your wages taken away from you? Perhaps you are not given any housekeeping money? Any of these things is economic violence, and is not allowed.

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